We implement training plans in terms of quality processes and SGSST adjusted to the company’s own needs.


We provide training in quality management systems and training of internal auditors; regulatory standards, SGSST and staff development according to the excellence requirements of the company. Our training plans support the compliance of quality organizations and regulatory standards.


We collaborate in the growth of its personnel through sensitizations activities, instruction and training in specific areas to achieve optimal management of the processes.

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Quality management systems

We develop Quality Management Systems for your company taking into account the aspects of documentation, direction, relationship with customers, infrastructure, human management, product or process realization and improvement that affect the quality of the product or service.

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RAQA Regulatory Affairs and quality Assurance

Regulatory affairs and quality assurance.


Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance.


We process new health registrations, renewals or modifications.


We monitor the status of your health records in order to recommend the most appropriate actions to maintain their current status.


We carry out the tasks of technical management and quality assurance.

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Business administration management

Management of Representation of Pharmaceutical Companies who manufactures or import Medicines, Biological and Phytotherapeutic Products, Health, Veterinary, Medical Devices and Equipment, and In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents, RUOS and other similar products.

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We develop audit programs for internal processes of the organization and suppliers.


We carry out audits to verify compliance with requirements such as ISO13485 and compliance with legal regulations for the internal processes of the organization and suppliers.


We carry out process and supplier audits through visits, follow-ups and controls.

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Logistics and import management

Logistics and Import Management



We accompany you in your growth through:

  • Processing of permits and regulatory licenses
  • Implementation of quality systems
  • Training of your staff.


We solve your quality needs in an efficient and responsible way. Quality systems  are administrative systems that contribute to the growth of your organization. We link with all areas and departments to create optimal quality for your clients.


We work with companies of the highest level in the Colombian market.

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